About The Artist

Production of art through hilary paints! is almost solely done by Hilary Clement.  Hilary was born in a small town in West Virginia and moved to North Carolina after college (where she didn't study art, although she spent more time in the college ceramics studio then she did in the micro lab!)  In NC, she met and quickly married a man who is responsible for her artistic career, encouraging her to learn to paint.  So, in 2006 she began to paint, and although she is mostly self-taught, she has had the opportunity to take some classes from a few very talented local artists. 



I get to take some classes from a great local artist, Tracey Marshall.  Check out her website www.traceyjmarshall.com.

Superior Improvements, Inc.  A Greensboro, NC licensed general contracting company.  www.superior-improvements.com

I also have a blog which I update with current works or happenings...check it out!   www.hilarypaints.blogspot.com